Why Rainbow Fresh

whyus imageWhy Rainbow Fresh?

  • SA Owned and Operated.
  • Product is packaged in sealed permeable bags which allow product to breathe whilst assisting in longevity, less wastage and contamination.
  • 12 month production, subject to extreme weather.
  • Triple washed in an air-conditioned factory.
  • Grown in organic rich soil.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

IPM is a technique of pest control that utilizes the natural balance of ‘good’ bugs over ‘bad’ bugs. We minimise the use of chemical based insecticides by allowing the population of beneficial bugs to proliferate and feed off harmful bugs. We pride ourselves in letting ‘Mother Nature’ take its natural course.


Rainbow Fresh sealed 1kg bags are bio-degradable. The plastic film used allows the exchange of gases which reduces harmful bacteria build up.

Growing Conditions

The growing conditions in the Adelaide Plains and the soil variety gives Rainbow Fresh salads a rich flavor and high nutritional value. It also contributes to Rainbow Fresh’s unique taste and texture.




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