The History

Our humble beginnings 50 Years Ago....


Joe Giangregorio migrates from Italy to Australia bringing with him his traditional farming experience. 


Joe commences his passion for growing produce as a hobby in his backyard, whilst working in factories.


Joe and his wife Antonietta, invest in their own farm and move to the existing property in Lewiston, SA. growing carrots, potatoes, lettuce and onions. Trading as G & A Giangregorio


Throughout this period the family farm struggled financially as seasonal growing systems had varying fluctuations that resulted in inconsistent income and losses. But Joe was passionate and determined to make his farm succeed.

Mid 1980's

Joe trialled different crops and found a very small opening with Gourmet Coloured Lettuces that modern restaurants were keen to use at a time when iceberg lettuce and parsley was the common salad and garnish. Trading as Quality Delicacy Lettuce.

Late 1980's

Antonietta was visiting family in Italy and discovered popularity in washed ready to eat salads. She brought this innovation back home to her husband. Together they trialled washing concepts, used bathroom washtubs as washing tanks. They even used blocks of ice to chill the produce and converted old tumble dry washing machines to spin dry the salads. Here begins the introduction of washed leafy salads onto the South Australian market.

1994 / 1995

1994 – with increased demand and popularity, Joe constructs a new Processing plant on the farm to allow larger volumes and implement food safety procedures. 1995 – with the expansion of the product range the family invested in its own Distribution Centre in the Adelaide Produce Markets. This allowed direct service and distribution of our product to retailers and food service sectors.

Late 1990's

Joe became known as the “Rainbow Man” with his truck carrying multiple colours of gourmet lettuces for customers. Hence where the brand and company name evolved from.


With the second generation coming into the business, Rainbow Fresh has been taken to the next stage and are continuously working on new opportunities and developing new products whilst maintaining continuum with its existing and long-standing product range.


In October 2020 the Rainbow Fresh processing plant was destroyed by a fire, this facility was the heart of the Rainbow Fresh business and an essential part of the chain that links growing and distribution.  Initially the business was assisted by other food processors in order to get product back on the shelf as quickly as possible. By January 2021 management had completed a temporary facility on their farm in Lewiston and continued to process product in this facility until a new plant is finished, mid 2022.


New processing plant to be completed.

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